Andrea and Andrew’s wedding was a little different than most.  They chose a unique place off in the forest along trail 7 near Old Fort Point in Jasper for their ceremony.  They had more cameras in the crowd than I have seen at a wedding since the tour bus crowds at Lake Louise.  They had the most well behaved canine ring bearer I have ever witnessed.  They also were the first clients I have had who held their reception at the Pyramid Stables, a venue that in my opinion is too often overlooked.

Jackie of Life Unscripted Photography came up from Calgary to shoot with me, the first opportunity we had since taking a workshop together in the Spring from our friends Two Mann.  The laid back pace of the day gave us plenty of opportunity to play around with different views and different lighting.  I, for one, was pretty happy with the results.  You’ll have to take a look below to make your own opinion.


Marriage Commissioner:  Gloria Kongsrud

Cake:  Cakes by Kim

Reception: Pyramid Riding Stables

Catering:  Mountain Park Lodges

Photography:  Brian Van Tighem and Jackie Ho Lyckama


– Brian


Carlene, Nick, and their colourful entourage were all smiles and laughter last summer in Hinton, Alberta.  Carlene and Nick were high school sweethearts, and their wedding party of close school friends made sure there wasn’t a moment of boredom.

I drove down from Derek and Alyssa’s wedding in Grande Prairie, and Ashley Kennedy drove up from Jasper to photograph with me.  We had a blast with this group, and with the exception of a brief downpour during the formal family portraits we had beautiful weather.  This was the first time we had photographed in Hinton, so fortunately Nick and Carlene had a beautiful location in mind for the portraits.  They knew my style of photographs, and they knew what they wanted, so after scouting the spot near Brule on my way to Grande Prairie I knew we were in for some magic.

Here is a touch of that magic, and just a few of those endless smiles.


Ceremony:  Our Lady of the Foothills Catholic Church

Reception: Hinton Center

Photography:  Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy

Sarah and Rick chose a spectacular summer day in August for their wedding at the Jasper Park Lodge.  The sun shone bright and hot over their ceremony at Whistler’s Plateau.  Everything was executed smoothly as usual by the Fairmont staff, allowing the newlyweds and their friends to relax and enjoy the day.  As the heat of the afternoon began to settle, they joined their friends and family for a dinner and reception in JPL’s Golf Clubhouse.


Hair + Makeup –  JPL Salon, now Wild Orchid Salon + Spa

Marriage Commissioner – Gloria Kongsrud

Ceremony – Whistler’s Plateau

Cake – Cakes by Kim

Reception – Jasper Park Lodge Golf Clubhouse


– Brian

Working with Christy and Kyle most certainly did not feel like work.  These two are such kind and humble people, and all of our interactions were a pleasure.  We had a rainy day engagement session in the spring, but the weather was considerably more favorable for their wedding day.

As usual, Wild Orchid and the Sawridge did an amazing job of their services.  It was my first opportunity to photograph inside St Mary & St George Anglican Church, and the beautiful building was the perfect place for Christy and Kyle to say their vows.  Kyle had his brother and close friends by his side, and Christy had her sister and closest friends on hers.  The pews were lined with smiling faces of friends and family, and those smiles only grew larger throughout the night.


Hair + Makeup – The lovely ladies at Wild Orchid Salon + Spa

Transportation – Sundog Tours

Ceremony –  St Mary & St George Anglican Church

Reception – Sawridge Inn and Conference Center

Cake – Cakes by Kim

Photographers – Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy


– Brian

Derek and Alyssa celebrated their engagement by taking a weekend trip up to Jasper.  While they were in town, they hired me to take some engagement photographs.  It was a freezing cold winter morning, but they were so happy with the results they decided to bring me up to Grande Prairie for their wedding this past July.  I am so glad that I did.

The day in Grande Prairie dawned with a spectacular sunrise, and then shortly afterwards the sky became a cloud of thick smoke from nearby fires.  A storm threatened, but they were determined to have the ceremony outdoors.  Fortunately, all things came together perfectly and the ceremony came to a close mere moments before the rain arrived.

Derek and Alyssa’s weddings was of those gatherings where family is the most important.  The two tightly knit families bonded so beautifully over the weekend, and it was inspiring to see such a strong support base for the newlyweds.  The evening was full of jokes and stories while the pair danced away with their friends and relatives.

I love the mountains, but it is always a unique experience to travel somewhere new to document two stories intertwining.


Venue – The Dunes Golf Club

Photographer – White Leaf Photographs


– Brian

The sun was hot and high in the sky on the afternoon of Jessica and Michael’s wedding at Maligne Lake.  The ceremony was held at the Heritage cabin, and by the time they were married everyone was ready to load onto the boat for a cool, breezy adventure out on the water.

The boat toured the group down to Spirit Island, an otherwise innaccessible wedding location.  It was a laid back affair with a small group of friends and family.  Jessica and Michael are true outdoorsmen, and frequently summit alpine peaks or run lengthy races in our beautiful mountains.  They hired me because they wanted to blend that love of the outdoors with their wedding photographs, and they chose the perfect location to do it.


Venue:  Maligne Lake Chalet

Commissioner:  Ronald Steers

Boat:  Maligne Tours

Photographers:  Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy


– Brian

Jaclyn + Keith; there are so many things I could say about these two.  They were like kindred spirits from our first meeting, and after we became acquainted I awaited their wedding day like it was one of my close friends.  The day dawned bright and beautiful on the spring Equinox, just as Jaclyn had hoped.

They were married at Pyramid Lake in Jasper, having their ceremony on the Island and the formalities at Pyramid Lake Resort.  Their tight knit group of friends were clearly chosen for their family-like connections.  Keiths band members served as his groomsmen, and they brought along their guitars to add the flavour of creativity to the afternoon.  The day flew by, full of laughter and comraderie.  It hardly felt like I was working at all, as sincere moments came naturally and often.

During the reception many laughs and songs were exchanged.  One playful song poked fun at the newlyweds, and Keith followed up with a solo song for Jaclyn.  I left the two of them for the evening on the docks of Pyramid Lake, as the last shaft of sunlight ducked behind the mountain.  The perfect closure to a day of inspiring beauty.


Venue:  Pyramid Lake Resort

Commissioner:  Gloria Kongsrud

Photography:  Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy

Music:  Drive the Day


– Brian

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