The sun was hot and high in the sky on the afternoon of Jessica and Michael’s wedding at Maligne Lake.  The ceremony was held at the Heritage cabin, and by the time they were married everyone was ready to load onto the boat for a cool, breezy adventure out on the water.

The boat toured the group down to Spirit Island, an otherwise innaccessible wedding location.  It was a laid back affair with a small group of friends and family.  Jessica and Michael are true outdoorsmen, and frequently summit alpine peaks or run lengthy races in our beautiful mountains.  They hired me because they wanted to blend that love of the outdoors with their wedding photographs, and they chose the perfect location to do it.


Venue:  Maligne Lake Chalet

Commissioner:  Ronald Steers

Boat:  Maligne Tours

Photographers:  Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy


– Brian

Jaclyn + Keith; there are so many things I could say about these two.  They were like kindred spirits from our first meeting, and after we became acquainted I awaited their wedding day like it was one of my close friends.  The day dawned bright and beautiful on the spring Equinox, just as Jaclyn had hoped.

They were married at Pyramid Lake in Jasper, having their ceremony on the Island and the formalities at Pyramid Lake Resort.  Their tight knit group of friends were clearly chosen for their family-like connections.  Keiths band members served as his groomsmen, and they brought along their guitars to add the flavour of creativity to the afternoon.  The day flew by, full of laughter and comraderie.  It hardly felt like I was working at all, as sincere moments came naturally and often.

During the reception many laughs and songs were exchanged.  One playful song poked fun at the newlyweds, and Keith followed up with a solo song for Jaclyn.  I left the two of them for the evening on the docks of Pyramid Lake, as the last shaft of sunlight ducked behind the mountain.  The perfect closure to a day of inspiring beauty.


Venue:  Pyramid Lake Resort

Commissioner:  Gloria Kongsrud

Photography:  Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy

Music:  Drive the Day


– Brian

Paula and Joseph’s wedding took place only a short drive from their homes at Medicine Lake, in Jasper’s Maligne valley.  It was a cloudy day in June, and as we arrived at the ceremony site to await the brides arrival, a torrential rain came down on us.  It’s commonly known to locals that if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes, so Paula wasn’t stressed at all.  In fact I don’t recall much of the day where she wasn’t smiling with contentment, enjoying every moment.

As foretold, the rains passed, and shortly afterwards they were married.  We did portraits of the newlyweds barefoot climbing through the boulder fields at Medicine, and then explored along the forested curves of the Maligne River.  It was a carefree day that, to me, perfectly represented the mentality of long time Jasper locals.  Jasper is a place where one can step back from the stresses of the day and simply be grateful to be somewhere so amazing.  It breeds a laid back attitude, and passionate people who value the important things in life like family, close friends, and natural places.  Paula and Josephs humble dinner and reception at the Jasper Park Lodge reflected that, and was a memorable gathering of laughter and familiar faces.

It is always an honour, and a truly memorable experience to document local weddings.  So to Paula and Joseph, thank you both for letting me share in your journey.



Hair Stylist:  Nava Hair, thanks to stylists Chelsea Wilgosh, Cody McGee, and Heather Chilton

Marriage Commissioner:  Chris Read

Venue:  Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Catering:  Dinner For You – contact Elizabeth

Photographers:  Brian Van Tighem and Ashley Kennedy


– Brian

Desiree and Kyle’s engagement session was one of those one-off  days where everything came together perfectly.  We booked the May session way back in November hoping timing would work out, and it did, right down to the sunset mountain views we had imagined.  They were getting married in Edmonton, but wanted to come out to the mountains to get some photographs taken as a couple beforehand.

We met out at the south end of Talbot Lake a little ways northeast of Jasper, and proceeded to go for a little hike up Edna’s knoll.  We hit it off right away and had a great time.  I was so impressed by their ability to just simply embrace the experience of being together in the great outdoors, completely wrapped up in eachother’s arms, and forget about the giant lenses that we were hovering around their faces.  The combination of their participation, the spectacular scenery, and the gorgeous lighting, were a recipe for a very memorable experience.  A great many thanks also go to Ashley Kennedy, who joined me for the first time as an assistant/second shooter, for making it all that much more enjoyable for everyone.  We’ve had the pleasure of documenting a number of stories together since, and I am excited to share those in the near future.

I hope these photographs help to stir up your adventurous mountain spirit.  For me, they provide so many beautiful reminders of why my clients and I love Jasper so much.jasper-scenic-engagement001jasper-scenic-engagement003jasper-scenic-engagement002jasper-scenic-engagement004jasper-scenic-engagement007jasper-scenic-engagement005jasper-scenic-engagement008jasper-scenic-engagement009
jasper-scenic-engagement012jasper-scenic-engagement011jasper-scenic-engagement013jasper-scenic-engagement014jasper-scenic-engagement015jasper-scenic-engagement016jasper-scenic-engagement017jasper-scenic-engagement018jasper-scenic-engagement019jasper-scenic-engagement020jasper-scenic-engagement021- Brian

I spent five hours with Nik + Alyssa on their wedding day last spring.

Those five hours were crammed with as many laughs as I can remember at a wedding.  These two knew each other since they were mere months old, and their wedding party was a collection of their closest of friends and family.  Neither one portrayed even a moment of stress, worry, or impatience.  They were fully involved in the moment, wrapped up in their own beautiful story.

Lost in smiles, laughter, and friendship.

Just as a wedding should be.

WhistlerWhistlerWhistlerWhistlerWhistlerWhistlerWhistlerjasper-wedding-photographer026Pyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding Jasperjasper-wedding-photographer016Pyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperPyramid Island Wedding JasperJasper Heritage Train Station WeddingJasper Heritage Train Station WeddingJasper Heritage Train Station WeddingJasper Heritage Train Station WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center WeddingJasper Activity Center Wedding

Hair + Makeup:  Wild Orchid Salon + Spa

Getting Ready:  Whistler’s Inn

Marriage Commissioner:  Gloria Kongsrud

Location:  Pyramid Island

Reception:  Jasper Activity Center


– Brian


Vibrant colours, and even brighter smiles were the themes of Emily + Jeremy’s wedding in the spring of this year.   Although you wouldn’t guess it from the general demeanour, we had clouds, rain, wind, and snow on that fine day in Calgary.

This was one of those unions that is truly amazing to experience.  Days of this nature are only possible through gatherings that are strengthened by deeply loving family ties, close-knit supportive friendships, and uninhibited expression of self.  Gunn’s Dairy Barn in Heritage Park provided the perfect venue for these two to celebrate with their friends and dance the night away.

The glow in the eyes and faces of Emily + Jeremy while in each other’s presence that day clearly showed the strength and respect they give each other, enabling each to grow into their own unique character.  It was the same glow that I see on Emily’s father’s face as he throws his arm’s around her after their father/daughter dance.  No judgement, never wavering, always supporting.  Patience, understanding, gentleness.

This is love.

This, is family.

Heritage Park Wedding Photographyheritage-park-wedding-calgary003heritage-park-wedding-calgary002heritage-park-wedding-calgary004heritage-park-wedding-calgary005


heritage-park-wedding-calgary011heritage-park-wedding-calgary012heritage-park-wedding-calgary014heritage-park-wedding-calgary015Heritage Park Wedding PhotographyHeritage Park Wedding PhotosHeritage Park Wedding Photographerheritage-park-wedding-calgary023Heritage Park Wedding Photographsheritage-park-wedding-calgary019heritage-park-wedding-calgary024heritage-park-wedding-calgary026heritage-park-wedding-calgary025heritage-park-wedding-calgary027heritage-park-wedding-calgary028heritage-park-wedding-calgary029heritage-park-wedding-calgary030heritage-park-wedding-calgary031heritage-park-wedding-calgary032heritage-park-wedding-calgary033heritage-park-wedding-calgary034heritage-park-wedding-calgary035heritage-park-wedding-calgary036heritage-park-wedding-calgary037heritage-park-wedding-calgary038heritage-park-wedding-calgary039heritage-park-wedding-calgary040heritage-park-wedding-calgary041heritage-park-wedding-calgary042heritage-park-wedding-calgary043heritage-park-wedding-calgary045heritage-park-wedding-calgary046heritage-park-wedding-calgary047heritage-park-wedding-calgary048heritage-park-wedding-calgary053heritage-park-wedding-calgary056heritage-park-wedding-calgary057heritage-park-wedding-calgary058heritage-park-wedding-calgary059heritage-park-wedding-calgary060heritage-park-wedding-calgary061heritage-park-wedding-calgary064heritage-park-wedding-calgary065heritage-park-wedding-calgary050heritage-park-wedding-calgary052

Dress:  Michelle Roberts of Emogene Couture

Ceremony:  Foothills Mennonite Church

Reception:  Gunn’s Dairy Barn, Heritage Park

Band:  Pear

Photography:  White Leaf Photographs


– Brian

Karen + Derek gave me the theme ‘Epic’ to work with for their photographs in Jasper.  Their goal is for 2014 to be an epic year, and with a big move to Germany coming up, they are off to a good start.  They were married in Edmonton and drove out to Jasper the next day for the weekend.  It was a cold grey morning when we got out, and the mountains weren’t even visible.  Karen told me that she always gets blue skies in Jasper, so we held out for awhile and sure enough the sun managed to break through clouds and light up a bright blue sky by the time our session was finished.  After playing around in a grove of Lodgepole Pines for some formal wear photographs, we moved on to explore the banks of the Athabasca River near the Airfield.  These two are kindred spirits, and I had a great time photographing them.  I hope these photographs will serve as an Epic reminder of Jasper and Canada while they are stationed in Germany for the next four years.  Best of luck Karen + Derek!



– Brian

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