New Thoughts for a New Year

For myself, 2011 was a year of cultivating new ideas.  2012 will put those ideas into action and expression.

As an artist trying to grow and adapt to a business structure, I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on how I can do so in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.  Based out of Canmore in the Canadian Rockies,  I feel privileged to work in the incredible areas that I do.  As my photographs show, I strive to incorporate these surroundings into the images that I create.

My vision for White Leaf Photographs has always been for a positive impact.  Not just for the people I photograph, but for the places we venture in.  In 2011 I began moving towards a positive impact by purchasing carbon offsets for my business travel, as I found myself moving around the country more often then was really sustainable.  I also started the transition towards using eco-conscious product suppliers and vendor partnerships.

Here are some of the ways that White Leaf Photographs will be making a difference this year;

  • 100% recycled or renewable packaging for delivered items.
  • Discounts for an optional digital file delivery system via ftp, to minimize shipping/packaging impacts.
  • A full line of eco-friendly vendors and products including wedding and engagement albums, archival prints and frames made from recycled wood.
  • Purchasing Certified Carbon offsets for travel emissions.  View White Leaf’s 2010 certificate here and 2011 certificate here.
  • Supporting local and national organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The MS Society of Canada, The Jasper Community Team, and others.

These are only a few ways that White Leaf will be growing this year.  I’m excited about working with my good friend and graphic designer Leslie Irvine on a new look for the White Leaf brand, and I look forward to continuing working with Highline Magazine’s online project as a contributor.

I’m also excited to announce that my 2011 Portfolio of couples photographs is now up online, be sure to check it out here and keep a close eye on the page for the upcoming wedding photography portfolio.

As the list of awesome clients I’ll be working with this year grows, I’m very excited for what 2012 will bring.  To all of you reading this I wish you the best this year can bring.

Much love for the new year,


– Brian


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