Jasper Elopement Photography – JJ + Dale

JJ knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding in the mountains.  They were planning a small family ceremony, nothing too fancy.  She sent me a single photograph that matched the image she had in mind, and I set to work brainstorming.  In the end, I couldn’t decide.  I sent her about four different locations that I thought might work, but in the end they served only as starting points.  JJ + Dale arrived in Jasper the day before, and had a chance to go and look around for themselves.  It’s a good thing they did, as she came across the absolute perfect place to match her vision.

These two were a great couple to work with.  They were very professional, polite and accomodating.  They even handled the considerable dip in temperatures with more grace than most mountain folks could ever hope to in that attire.  For a November day in Jasper, they don’t get much better than this.


Photographers:  Brian Van Tighem + Ashley Kennedy


– Brian

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