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What to Expect – Before, During, and After

In case you have a few questions about what to expect from a White Leaf Photograph’s Session, here are a few details about before, during, and after, to help you have a more clear idea of what’s to come.


To book a session or your wedding photography, contact Brian either through the Contact form in the top menu of the website, by emailing brian(at)whiteleafphotographs(dot)com, or by phone at 403.763.7234.  If we happen to be in the same area, let me take you out for coffee and show you some of my work, tell you about what I do and why I do it, and let you check out some of the great album and print products available.  Long distance?  Let’s set up a Skype meeting and get some face time in!  For weddings, we will have to go over a contract which must be filled out in order to officially book your day.


During the session is the easy part, all you have to do is hang out with eachother!  As long as you gave White Leaf’s Portrait Session Tips a read through, all you need to do is show up.  I like to get a variety of candid and posed photographs, so the session will shift from sitting you down in a well lit spot and giving you a bit of direction, to a more reportage approach where I give you a general direction or place to be and I’ll move around from a distance.  The sessions usually run about two hours, and will ideally take place at a time of day when the light is changing to give variety to the photographs.  We’ll most likely explore two locations, which is why it’s great to bring a bit of a wardrobe change.

Weddings are very much the same for the portrait session, except usually we spread the two hours out between formal family portraits, the wedding party, and then finally the two of you.  As for the rest of the day I will be photographing much the same way – mostly documentary style candid shooting, as well as some posing and direction.  If you have any questions at any time during the process feel free to ask!


In one week you will get a sneak preview of your session.  Your images will be available for viewing, sharing, and downloading  in a private web gallery on the White Leaf Photographs’ website two weeks after the session.  In the case of Weddings, the sneak preview will be within two weeks, and the finished photographs will be online one month after the wedding date.  From there on you can use the online gallery for yourself, family and friends to view and share photos, as well as download web resolution files and order prints and albums using the simple Lightbox tools on the website.  If you ordered a disc of photos, it will come beautifully wrapped shortly after the photos go live online.  Now all you have to do is enjoy your photos and decide which ones would look best in one of White Leaf’s eco-friendly album products!


For wedding photography, White Leaf Photographs requires a 50% booking fee to reserve your day at the time the contract is signed.  The rest of the balance will be due once you receive your images, not before.  White Leaf is committed to completing each job to the clients satisfaction before asking for payment.  The same goes for portrait sessions, except that no booking fee is required.  For any type of session, an invoice will be delivered with your photographs that must be paid within 30 days.

Did this answer your questions?  Please get in touch if not!


Tips for Portrait Sessions

I always recommend engagement sessions to couples, as they are a great way for you and the photographer to get to know each other before the wedding.  It gives you an opportunity to get accustomed to being in front of the camera, and for me to see how you interact and respond.  Plus, nothing will give you more peace of mind about the photography on your wedding day than falling in love with the engagement photos beforehand.

Whether you’re engaged, it’s your anniversary, or you’re just celebrating eachother with an anytime portrait session, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Couples Photography Session.  These tips will also come in handy for individual or family portrait sessions as well!

  1. Wear clothes that fit you comfortably.  The camera accentuates articles that are too baggy or too tight, so keep this in mind but dress true to yourself!
  2. Avoid distracting Logos and/or text on clothing.  Logos and text tend to distract the viewer from the actual subjects; you.  They can also serve to date the photo more as well.  Prominent patterns can also have a distracting affect.
  3. Bring a couple different outfit options – I’m not saying you need to pack along an extra wardrobe, but a couple things to add some variety to the shots is always great to diversify the session.  A jacket or extra layer that you can add or take off, a different scarf or two or whatever works for you.
  4. Feel free to wear colour – Gone are the overly coordinated days of matching white shirts and jeans.  Let’s be realistic, you want photos that show you for yourself and each other for your love.  Colour looks great in photos, just try to keep in mind complementary colours and the area we’ve discussed having the session in.
  5. Accessorize – Like I mentioned earlier, we want to show you for yourself.  If accessories are part of your personality, then don’t be afraid to wear them to the session.   Necklaces, scarves, belts and hats are great, but try to avoid things that will block or distort the light.  For example, a toque may be great (or necessary) in many seasons, but a baseball cap that shadows your eyes may be a detriment to the overall look of the photos.
  6. Don’t wear a watch – Or do.  No big deal, but for tight shots where hands are shown it will probably be best to take it off as watches tend to be a big distraction compared to most other jewellery.
  7. Be aware of your socks – Just like when dressing formal, being aware of the colour of your socks is more important than it sounds.  White socks can really jump out in a photograph, especially in photos where you are seated and your feet may be closer to the camera.
  8. Footwear Aware! –  Last tip on clothing, I promise.  Shoes are an important note in my photography sessions.  Not all photographers would need to note this, but not all sessions are created equal.  Most of my sessions take place in the cold and snowy Rockies, the unpredictable Prairies, or the wet West Coast.  It is important to think about the comfort of your feet before the session in accordance to what we have discussed in terms of locations and weather.  Just like with clothing, it might not hurt to bring an extra pair of shoes along in the car so we can maximize our location options.
  9. Relax – This is the second most important thing to remember.  I will give you direction where needed and help you to know what will work best, but focus on each other and not on me.  The more relaxed and focused on each other you are the more genuine the photographs we will create.
  10. Remember that you are in love – Yes, you guessed it, this is the single  most important thing to remember.  This session is about the two of you, not the camera, the posing, or the location.  So keep each other in mind, enjoy eachothers company, and let me worry about the rest!!

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