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About the Artist:

Brian is an international award winning photographer, and owner of White Leaf Photographs.  He has been photographing professionally for over three years since recieving a diploma in digital photography from the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts.   Now he has covered over two dozen weddings, as many portrait sessions, and numerous commercial contracts.  An avid outdoorsmen, the Rockies provide the perfect setting for a life that incorporates the outdoors into both work and play.   Brian’s effort to blend creative portraiture into stunning outdoor settings is apparent in White Leaf’s Photographs.  For the eco-conscious consumer, nature lovers, or simply those appreciative of quality photographs,  Brian’s work is sure to be the perfect match.


From the Artist:

I was born on the edge of the Rockies. I was shaped in the prairies, mountains, and coastlines of Western Canada. I grow wherever my work takes me, and I am inspired and influenced by the individuals I meet and the places I end up in the process.

Photography was an interest before it was a hobby, a hobby before it was a pursuit, and a pursuit before it was a passion. Now it shapes and changes me and my perspectives. It is an art as it is a science, based as much on perception as it is in reality. The camera is the medium that bridges the gap.

I love what I do. I love the challenges and the rewards; they together with the unique and wonderful clients I’m fortunate enough to work with are what drive me to grow and develop as a photographer and as an artist.

Check out the photos. Get in touch. Good things happen when we push the creative process.

– Brian


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